BIPAP Bi-Level Constant Air Pressure Device




Healthcare services, government agencies, and essential services are given first priority.

This is a bi-level positive air pressure (BIPAP) device to support respiratory therapy of spontaneously breathing adults weighing over 30kg suffering from COVID-19 disease in traditional healthcare facilities.

The BIPAP device is a non-invasive ventilator designed to be used in non-life-threatening situations, for spontaneously breathing patients, where a patient is in need of breathing assistance but is not in need of invasive ventilator support based on standard medical protocols.

It is an affordable, non-invasive respiratory device that provides support to spontaneously breathing adults. With a one-button approach, it was designed for simplicity, ease-of-use, and comfort.

The machine is for use in hospitals and other healthcare facilities, such as converted emergency care spaces for COVID-19 patients, prison infirmaries, and nursing care facilities.

Connector hoses and face masks are sold separately.

Specification Sheet/Brochure

More Features

  • BIPAP Device
  • Small Footprint
  • Ability to Set Inspiration & Expiration Pressure Independently
  • Ability to Set a Mandatory Respiration Cycle
  • PC Based Monitor Software
  • ASCII & Calibration Data Output
  • Made in USA

BIPAP Device availability and pricing is in constant flux due to the current COVID-19 pandemic demands.  Pricing and availability may change from our site listing but will be confirmed for each order.


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