EUV Full Function Pressure Limited Ventilator




Healthcare services, government agencies, and essential services are given first priority.

The BPR Ventilator is an Emergency Use Ventilator (EUV) indicated to provide continuous ventilatory support of adult patients who require mechanical ventilation when a FDA cleared ventilator is not available due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

It is a pressure-limited time-cycled ventilator intended to provide emergency use ventilation in a hospital environment for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The ventilator is a value-added, rapidly deployable ventilator inherently safe against over pressurization of the lungs. It is targeted at adult patients experiencing acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) and other serious breathing difficulties related to COVID-19.

The ventilator is designed to accept 50psi compressed air or oxygen mix and is powered by a standard 110V/220V AC outlet or an optional DC battery supply. The device is designed to accommodate a standard 22 mm ventilator circuit outfitted with either a mask or endotracheal tube.

It uses proprietary back-pressure regulator (BPR) based ventilator technology.

Specification Sheet/Brochure

More Features

  • BPR (Back Pressure) based ventilator technology
  • EIP (Emergency Intake Port)
  • SRV (Overpressure Relief)
  • Expiratory Tidal Volume
  • PIP, PEEP, I:E, RR, & FiO2
  • Can attach to House Air and O2 Supply (Blender not included)
  • 7” HMI Screen
  • 110V or 220V input power (Great for US and European Applications)
  • Wide Control Range
  • Includes O2/Air Blender module
  • Includes Carrying Case/Table for easy setup and storage
  • Made in USA

Ventilator availability and pricing is in constant flux due to the current COVID-19 pandemic demands.  Pricing and availability may change from our site listing but will be confirmed for each order.


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