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Healthcare services, government agencies, and essential services are given first priority.

Use the JUMPER JPD-FR202 No Touch Temporal/Forehead Baby and Adult IR Thermometer for fever readings and object temperatures.

A high precision infrared sensor provides instant; accurate readings on a large; brightly back lit 3 color LCD screen. It offers non-contact operation for safe use between babies and adults. Track your family’s health with up to 20 previously saved readings.

QUICK AND EASY READINGS – Point and click actions get temperature readings in 1 second. This Non-Contact Infrared Thermometers makes it easy for you to take anyone’s temperature without physically contact. Simply aim the infrared thermometer at the center of the forehead (keep a distance of 0-2 inches), then press the power/measure button.

MEMORY STORAGE- Store up to 20 temperature readings and receive fever alerts. The infrared temperature themometer can measure between °F & °C.

MULTIFUNCTIONAL THERMOMETER – Measure Forehead, and Object temperatures instantly. Using the Mode Button you can switch between Object Temperature Mode and Forehead Temperature Mode. The thermometer automatically powers off if it is not used in 10 seconds.

HIGH-TEMPERATURE ALERTS – The thermometer will automatically alert you to high temperatures. When the temperature is between 94.8°F (24.9°C) and 99.5°F(37.5°C) there will be a long beep and a green backlight. When the temperature is between 99.6°F(37.6°C) and 108°F(42.2°C) there will be 3 short beeps and a red backlight.

More Features

  • Non-contact measurement (0.5-2.0 inches)
  • Body or object temperature measurement
  • Instant And Accurate Readings
  • Display temperature reading in seconds
  • Sounds can be on/off
  • Easily switch between °C and °F
  • Auditory and visual fever warning (three colors LCD display)
  • 20 readings memory recall
  • Fahrenheit And Celsius Functions
  • BPA and latex free

Infrared Thermometer availability and pricing is in constant flux due to the current COVID-19 pandemic demands.  Pricing and availability may change from our site listing but will be confirmed for each order.


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